Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

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Madison Riden
Madison RidenFri Jan 18 2019

People who say, “oh they could have picked normal kids”......those are normal high school kids now. With the colleges being more competitive to get into and with expectations being a lot higher, high schoolers have an insane amount of pressure to stand out and be special. In high school, I was in 7 clubs, marching band, theater, etc etc, because I knew that I needed scholarship money to go to school and that I needed to stand out to get into college. (I also think this is why depression and anxiety has increased in high schoolers as well.) So, I see these kids as normal high schoolers; all three of them are perusing their passions in high school, with the aim that it’ll make them stand out.

Isaac Bamba
Isaac BambaFri Jan 18 2019

That ebony Mom is pretty bruh

Ema Sar
Ema SarFri Jan 18 2019

Or some middle ground on the forced sterilization of Native American women in the US that is still happening to others today. I love ur videos, I think they’re great discussions that people definitely need to have, But it’s very disappointing to see no representation whatsoever for my people

Ema Sar
Ema SarFri Jan 18 2019

Can we get some middle ground with native Americans and everything happening in Canada?? Or how DAPL went down in North Dakota I think it’s an extremely important discussion to have, being Native American myself and I’d love to hear it.

princessnessa yurr
princessnessa yurrFri Jan 18 2019

I feel bad for fanny nobody laughed with her

Jacob Carrasco
Jacob CarrascoFri Jan 18 2019

The older you are, the more experienced you are but, you DO NOT become wiser AT ALL. Wisdom comes from one’s self decision and life not from age.

KickinButterflyFri Jan 18 2019

You should do introverts and extroverts

juhos3000Fri Jan 18 2019

Metal heads vs anti metal music people??????

Dale Boxsell
Dale BoxsellFri Jan 18 2019

Not today’s teen because they think they know everything they are the definition of know nothing know it all’s.

Legendary_tortoise O5
Legendary_tortoise O5Fri Jan 18 2019

Isn’t a fanny someone’s buttocks or female private parts

Ni kuro
Ni kuroFri Jan 18 2019

If I see the dad irl I’ll just cry

RATEDRsenseiFri Jan 18 2019

"39 + 1" 😐 "I'm not going to say my age....I'm 40" 😐 Grow up please

sugwrskyFri Jan 18 2019

this kids don't seem to know much ....... ps . really you bring these kids who have everything in, can't you see other kids "teens" might see things way more clearly or differently ?

sugwrskyFri Jan 18 2019

this kids don't seem to know much ....... ps . really you bring these kids who have everything in, can't you see other kids "teens" might see things way more clearly or differently ?

Lalo Gonzalez
Lalo GonzalezFri Jan 18 2019

Why was the British people the only people with the good stuff

Lauren Pulver
Lauren PulverFri Jan 18 2019

Damn Tessa Brooks really went platinum blonde and stopped getting the spray tans 👀

J MFri Jan 18 2019

Mateo is such a gem

Kelby Sinaloa
Kelby SinaloaFri Jan 18 2019

This is gonna be interesting

circuswannabeFri Jan 18 2019

Gimme an airplane and I’ll be an angel to though.. but on a real note I’m tryna be a better kid mostly for religious reasons ya know any of you Christians may understand me on that one. Its hard to listen to your parents sometimes.

adriana bonura
adriana bonuraFri Jan 18 2019

yall need to do an episode with stan twitter vs locals