The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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Aldrich Ivanputra Siemarga
Aldrich Ivanputra SiemargaTue Feb 19 2019

Casper,the friendly ghost!

David Mesa
David MesaMon Feb 18 2019

Go to Big Lots. You can get a mattress for under 500 dollars. Problem solved.

Witty Vixen
Witty VixenMon Feb 18 2019

But Casper allows you to try out the mattress for over 30 days. If you don’t like it you can return it. They take it and it’s free shipping. I bought one and I wasn’t worried about price as much as comfort. It’s amazing 😍

Sonja Morrison
Sonja MorrisonMon Feb 18 2019

Make your own

Miao Wei
Miao WeiMon Feb 18 2019

thats y in china we use wood beds and cotton comforters. it last hundreds of yrs. layer take out in the sun 2x a yr.

hunter awesome graves
hunter awesome gravesMon Feb 18 2019

just find a cheap one

Gaming Champ
Gaming ChampSun Feb 17 2019

5:30 funny but nightmare fuel

Gaming Champ
Gaming ChampSun Feb 17 2019

5:29 that ridiculous photoshop

Skyelar EmeryEagle
Skyelar EmeryEagleSun Feb 17 2019

That actor is from Martv

The Painting Potato
The Painting PotatoSat Feb 16 2019

Thanks, Stunkbug. <3

Raid4RandomSat Feb 16 2019

God damn Freddy Mercury is back from the dead and trying to sell me a mattress

Arthur Morgan
Arthur MorganFri Feb 15 2019

This is why you get a Airbed

123junereyThu Feb 14 2019

The entire mattress industry would like to know your location

Ryno van der Merwe
Ryno van der MerweThu Feb 14 2019

Just get a mattress from purple, been giving me good service, bit expensive but I still have my first one and it's been quite a while

Minecrafter_ Limited05
Minecrafter_ Limited05Thu Feb 14 2019

"You've got 30 seconds" *Rest of the video is 5 minutes long*

Gwen Lovegood
Gwen LovegoodWed Feb 13 2019

There's actually plenty of great alternatives. For example thrift stores especially bigger ones will often have lightly used mattresses at a fraction of the cost Craigslist is also an adequate way of finding a cheap mattress provided that you inspected thoroughly to make sure it's in good shape. Or you could just ditch the mattress entirely and go with a futon a hammock or do the Japanese thing and use tatami mats or EVA foam mats which you can buy at Walmart for around 10 to 20 bucks or if none of that suits your taste just get a few thick blankets and fold them over few times.

Fluffy studio
Fluffy studioWed Feb 13 2019


your worst nightmare
your worst nightmareWed Feb 13 2019

Is anyone else entirely creeped out by the ending? I swear I can't sleep now Nah just kidding, im way scarier. Just read my username 😉

hunterkiller1440Wed Feb 13 2019

Ah, oligopoly. Best way to rip people off and earn big bucks. That's capitalism. Good for the producers, bad for the consumers

Pigeon on Blitz
Pigeon on BlitzWed Feb 13 2019

That explains why there are literally 7 Mattress Firms in a 1 mile radius of each other.