Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

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Kate Dancer :D
Kate Dancer :DTue Feb 19 2019

I think you should match pet to person

Mary T.
Mary T.Tue Feb 19 2019

I died at 1:45

emily somers
emily somersTue Feb 19 2019

10 seconds in is the best

Yuna Ha
Yuna HaMon Feb 18 2019

Sabrina playz
Sabrina playzMon Feb 18 2019

my mom is white and im black so he would pick us first if i was a baby and say i wasnt her baby xD

Ryan Taylor
Ryan TaylorMon Feb 18 2019

I don’t like babies. ThIs Is ThE cUtE oNe

asmr videos
asmr videosMon Feb 18 2019

did you notice that the last parent baby pulled her hair and her mom said quick STOP

RussMon Feb 18 2019

It's fun in here

how tf you suck dick on accident
how tf you suck dick on accidentSun Feb 17 2019

... why would you call someone’s baby, that you don’t know at all, a beast?? sometimes this guy just 💆🏽‍♀️

C Rendon
C RendonSun Feb 17 2019

I love Karlos!!! Lol he's the honest friend every one needs hahaha

Apps' Videos
Apps' VideosSun Feb 17 2019

"That's the cutest baby" the heck dude? Really? In front of all the parents?

Tania Pena
Tania PenaSun Feb 17 2019

*or is the mailman* omg i cnat with him

Zayn Kloski
Zayn KloskiSat Feb 16 2019

Now all hell would break lose if he wasn’t black and accused a black woman of having more than one kid. Get rid of him

phantom freddy
phantom freddySat Feb 16 2019

Is CUT related to HiHo?

youtube_addiction23Sat Feb 16 2019

You should do this with dogs. That would be so hard, because they would be happy with anyone.

Isabella Zemelko
Isabella ZemelkoSat Feb 16 2019

2:44 Imagin how offended the father and mother of that baby must have felt😂😂😂

Razar Raz
Razar RazSat Feb 16 2019

How dare you assume those kids gender!!! Sarcasm...

Lost in the Stars
Lost in the StarsSat Feb 16 2019

At 3:36 they're talking in their own mysterious language

SF7GamerSat Feb 16 2019

Whoever doesn't love Karlos, what are you doing? Karlos is the best guest on Cut.

Movement of Life
Movement of LifeSat Feb 16 2019

I definitely don't like Karlos. He tells the guy that the baby he's holding isn't his simply because he's white. Completely stupidity.