Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

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Daniela Reyes
Daniela ReyesSat Jan 19 2019

"see you next tuesday. I would be lovely to see you" LMAO

Albandari Zeyara
Albandari ZeyaraSat Jan 19 2019

The singing cracked me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😯😯😯😯😯

Adam Carr
Adam CarrSat Jan 19 2019

Combined IQ of a donut

xxSadie Michellexx
xxSadie MichellexxSat Jan 19 2019

Omg Grayson is soooo good looking

Graysonrains Dolans
Graysonrains DolansFri Jan 18 2019

bored looking at there videos

Sav Day
Sav DayFri Jan 18 2019

501 thousand people love your toenails, Ethan. *Well done* .

bby xx_00
bby xx_00Fri Jan 18 2019

We can see Ethan's cameltoe ;-;

George Sarkes
George SarkesFri Jan 18 2019

The 500 iq play would be to ask him not to ask you anything for the whole day.

Keyanna Henry
Keyanna HenryFri Jan 18 2019


Lucija Kegalj
Lucija KegaljFri Jan 18 2019

Anyone else binge watching YouTube videos instead of studying for finals?

Sam Knapp
Sam KnappFri Jan 18 2019

Yes theory looks kinda weird in this video

Aria Windal
Aria WindalFri Jan 18 2019

Anyone else notice they didn’t get the milkshake from in n out they got it fr McDononalds

Felix Lee
Felix LeeFri Jan 18 2019

I have a twin. But we will never say yes to everything we say

Ailish Traynor
Ailish TraynorFri Jan 18 2019

we all know why that pillow was behind Ethan's headboard... ;)

Adriana Garcia
Adriana GarciaFri Jan 18 2019

Ethan should’ve just ask “can i change my outfit?” and that would be it lol

Jacqueline Osbourne
Jacqueline OsbourneFri Jan 18 2019

ethan kinda looks like a pedophile gym teacher with the mustache😂

Jacqueline Osbourne
Jacqueline OsbourneFri Jan 18 2019

i love you guys so much

Chocolate Diva
Chocolate DivaFri Jan 18 2019

Yeah u have dairy because u eat 🥣

Esther Osei
Esther OseiFri Jan 18 2019

Hi ethan and Grayson

Lola Greene
Lola GreeneFri Jan 18 2019

This just made me laugh I got him by his douche bag shirt 😂😂 16:18