Rita Ora - Let You Love Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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Kajal Brahma
Kajal BrahmaTue Feb 19 2019

I just luv this song very much....

Party Jam
Party JamTue Feb 19 2019

1:52 cute😍 excuse me.what her name?

Miguel Alves
Miguel AlvesTue Feb 19 2019

Rita is everywhere and nowhere at the same time

Katie Palmer
Katie PalmerMon Feb 18 2019

It would be so amazing to be a model. I just need the motivation, and this helps a lot.

Ingrida Svedunova
Ingrida SvedunovaMon Feb 18 2019

Why is no one talking about the bin bag that Marta Hunt had to wear at the end of this segment?🙈🙄🤔

Miss Lady
Miss LadyMon Feb 18 2019

2:23 that’s the girl who fell right?

Zelidia PlayzRoblox
Zelidia PlayzRobloxMon Feb 18 2019

Rita Ora’s dress is amazing👌

Mizaki Wuifan
Mizaki WuifanMon Feb 18 2019

Whos that asain

Biaknia Kimkim Ralte
Biaknia Kimkim RalteSun Feb 17 2019

I love Rita more

Angelo Arrivera
Angelo ArriveraSun Feb 17 2019

Ta a cara do pabllo vittar

MeiyeriSun Feb 17 2019


flor chann
flor channSun Feb 17 2019

who see adam from maroon



Beatrice Maina
Beatrice MainaSun Feb 17 2019

1:51 👑💖

Aurimas Lab
Aurimas LabSun Feb 17 2019

Rita looks way better than those walking bones :)

suryadeep bhattacharyya
suryadeep bhattacharyyaSun Feb 17 2019


pisces031889Sun Feb 17 2019

What's the name of the model on 2:09?

Ayaz Hossain
Ayaz HossainSun Feb 17 2019

All models modelling Rita being normall yet poopin' among all

Yasmeen bano
Yasmeen banoSun Feb 17 2019

Rita sings better live 💘💘💘💘

Music And I Channel
Music And I ChannelSun Feb 17 2019

This song is my favorite. Victoria's secret is my favorite. I dont think there is anything better than this