Miles & Rylee's Cha Cha - DWTS Juniors

Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold dance the Cha Cha to "Shake Senora" by Pitbull featuring T-Pain & Sean Paul during the Semi-Finals.
Caitlin Brazil
Caitlin BrazilMon Dec 10 2018

This is really good!! If Skye didn't win, he definitely should've won!

Smiley L
Smiley LMon Dec 10 2018

Every time Miles dances it's like a party.

Smiley L
Smiley LMon Dec 10 2018

Rylee is going to be gorgeous when she gets older.

Madison Treace
Madison TreaceMon Dec 10 2018

Dang 😍♥️

Anna Hatch
Anna HatchMon Dec 10 2018

I can’t get over how much Rylee looks like Lindsay when she dances 😄

Lee Cox
Lee CoxSun Dec 09 2018

Considering that this song is usually used for a Samba, I can see why Whitney would have been tempted to give the routine a Samba flavor. Unfortunately, it didn't have any discernible Cha-Cha content!

Queen Silver
Queen SilverSat Dec 08 2018

I want him to win so bad. The other competitors are amazing as well but Miles learning this through Facetime is unbelievable. Kid deserves it

Coll 44
Coll 44Sat Dec 08 2018

Him and McKenzie are the top two

Greta Snukis
Greta SnukisSat Dec 08 2018

Dude rylee is a freaking powerhouse holy frick I love this so much

Francis Herrera
Francis HerreraFri Dec 07 2018

its_kare_bear_ 13
its_kare_bear_ 13Fri Dec 07 2018

The dancing and choreography were amazing, but what were they thinking with the outfits? They're only kids and shouldn't be showing that much skin. Just my thoughts.

Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye YoungFri Dec 07 2018

He's so fantastic. I literally can't tell who is the pro or the star any more!

J.D. K
J.D. KFri Dec 07 2018

I know this is sapossed to be ah PG but DAMN get it ya all.. ! WOW

Dimoney jackson
Dimoney jacksonThu Dec 06 2018

Can't stop watching this

Fred Derf
Fred DerfThu Dec 06 2018

What`s this shit ? A pedophiles wet dream !!!!

Sissy Link
Sissy LinkThu Dec 06 2018

MILES!! U 2 r ADORABLE!! I hope u WIN😉

Jala Williams
Jala WilliamsThu Dec 06 2018

bruh Miles is not playing.... I low-key think he could win

Junomaster2006Thu Dec 06 2018

The mod should be shot. It’s clear that he’ll rape that women when puberty hits

Greg Kaifesh
Greg KaifeshThu Dec 06 2018

Something sick about this .

Hope King
Hope KingThu Dec 06 2018

Biy. She has grown alot since the beginning