Miles & Rylee's Cha Cha - DWTS Juniors

Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold dance the Cha Cha to "Shake Senora" by Pitbull featuring T-Pain & Sean Paul during the Semi-Finals.
Leah Grace
Leah GraceSat Jan 26 2019

What is the song?

AidanFlipzThu Jan 17 2019


Mar Mar
Mar MarWed Jan 16 2019

this is my fav dance from them

Mar Mar
Mar MarWed Jan 16 2019

looking back at it , miles literally had no bad dance. all his dances were so good.

Donutfan 291
Donutfan 291Sat Jan 12 2019

This is by far THE BEST cha cha this season! I can’t even tell you why it just is soo amazing!

Riana Best
Riana BestThu Jan 10 2019

Is rylee injured because she wears pedinis instead of Latin shoes most weeks

Kyra C
Kyra CSun Jan 06 2019

Correction scores are 10 10 10

Mircea Istratescu
Mircea IstratescuFri Jan 04 2019

Akash and Kamri were good too

Mircea Istratescu
Mircea IstratescuFri Jan 04 2019


Sarah Ivey
Sarah IveyWed Jan 02 2019

They should have been getting perfect scores since like week 3 idk why they didn’t get a perfect score? They underscored a lot they had incredible dances and should have won

James Farquhar
James FarquharTue Jan 01 2019

This was one of my fav dances of the season

Justicez games
Justicez gamesSun Dec 30 2018

LINDSAY IS AMAZING though she got them doing allot of hard dances THEY PREVAIL seriously no one else could do that dance like that except kenzie and sage should've won sky and jt won because of the audience they were the worst dancers in the final they're good at acting and slow elegant dancing BUT HERES SOMETHING I NOTICE THEY NEVER DID A FAST DANCE they haven't showed everything there freestyle and LIGHT IT UP dances were both good but sky never had the greatest form. something i learned about dwts is that the audience is all example sky and jt mostly sky the audience loves her because of the cuteness if it were in terms of dance points and so we know who it might've been also why did the finals come so early honestly i believe sky and jt are lucky because how many awws she got an episode she is lucky the audience likes her thats why some despise her i believe miles and rylee should've won they showed excellent technique always had amazing content always had decent scores and had the ability to be hyper energectic like street performers always having the spotlight the also excelled in everything and could do what the others couldn't be AMAZING ICONIC AND CHARMING without being the smallest of cheese also they had excellent form and have always improved they were the most hyper and had the most stamina this the salsa and the Christmas freestyle show it nobody else could do this dance besides kenxzie and sage but not as fast they were so unique remember these lyrics MILES AND RYLEE ALWAYS SHINING LIKE A NEW GOSH DARN DIAMOND DONT MAKE LIKE THEY USED TO NEVER RUNNING OUT OF STYLE that describes them perfectly don't you agree oh wait here's another AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH TO WHAT THERE SKILLS CONTRIBUTE OF! with all this on there side i believe they truly won having some of the best results and ect. sky and jt won the star but miles and rylee won my heart MIRROR HEART ..............welll i guess hudson from general hospital would have to win huh anyone agree

Greg Silverman
Greg SilvermanFri Dec 21 2018

I can't believe he learned all of this from facetime.

Irrelevant Person
Irrelevant PersonFri Dec 21 2018

What are the shoes she’s wearing called ?

eva harms
eva harmsThu Dec 20 2018

1:04 miles face

Stella Resnick
Stella ResnickWed Dec 19 2018


Dulia Eliancy
Dulia EliancySun Dec 16 2018

Miles and Rylee are God’s no funny

Quineshia Stallings
Quineshia StallingsSat Dec 15 2018

Miles and Rylee's Cha Cha was fantastic and I love their outfits they look so Fabulous way to go Miles and Rylee I am so proud of you. 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

Caitlin Brazil
Caitlin BrazilMon Dec 10 2018

This is really good!! If Skye didn't win, he definitely should've won!

Smiley L
Smiley LMon Dec 10 2018

Every time Miles dances it's like a party.