Part 1 - Our Thoughts on the Docuseries 'Surviving R. Kelly'

Real fam, have you seen the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”? Share your thoughts in the comments!
Marwan Johnson
Marwan JohnsonSat Jan 19 2019

Lol, 9 mins !!! More like 19 . Lmao.

Nicholas Campbell
Nicholas CampbellFri Jan 18 2019

Lmfaooooo loni........youre telling me young people went on spotify to see who r.kelly music is all about when YouTube is here for free.....give me a break

Ice killa3hunna
Ice killa3hunnaFri Jan 18 2019

Sick sick

Paula Steele
Paula SteeleFri Jan 18 2019

So what if his songs are still playing, for this I disagree😕

Jeannette Marie
Jeannette MarieFri Jan 18 2019

I shut his music down when I heart of all his actions years ago. I was made to believe that I was the one making an issue out of it. Even a so called friend had the nerve to buy me his CD as a Christmas gift (she thought it as a joke but didn't see the humor in it). I thought maybe I was analyzing things so I tried to enjoy the CD as much as I could then one day I thought wrong is wrong and threw the CD out and never looked back at listening to his music again.

Meredith Duff
Meredith DuffFri Jan 18 2019

Aaliyah's Mother owns the publishing right to his music. So spotify, who had originally taken his music down, put it back up because it was financially harmful to the Broughten family.

Justin L
Justin LFri Jan 18 2019 This answers all questions

Lalaforreal Forrealforreal
Lalaforreal ForrealforrealFri Jan 18 2019

R Kelly is a monster but he is very talented and I love his music

Gee L
Gee LFri Jan 18 2019

Is smith trying to say black people doesnt think black women's lives matter. Yhea, that's something to look into.. A lot of whites never heard if this r Kelly etc.. But Yhea smith may ask why blacks aren't standing up for blacks.. Its like a lot if people wouldnt know who they are talking about if it was country music, might nut even listen to story if it's not a familiar name....thus show seens pretty racist, I never head of it until on you tube, I'm assuming its on tv..glad I missed it, but don't have time watching day time gossip t.v. and one sided at that. Smith has a point .

Nicole Benn
Nicole BennFri Jan 18 2019

All these people talking about r Kelly are they without sin? Or are they perfect?

Jenny Romano
Jenny RomanoFri Jan 18 2019

It's not that black girls dont matter, it's just that THOSE 4 girls on the surviving docu series have been discredited or just as guilty. And it's a 19 minute song

Dyanna Grace
Dyanna GraceFri Jan 18 2019

Jeannie is woke. There are so many products that are unethically processed

deanna n. young
deanna n. youngFri Jan 18 2019

It was definitely a lot to take in but I wasn’t surprised about R. Kelly he’s been a problem for years!!

Ann Williams
Ann WilliamsFri Jan 18 2019

Don't return evil for evil

LoTyanna Ware
LoTyanna WareFri Jan 18 2019

This man didn’t hold anyone hostage the checks stopped so they spoke... the end put everyone in jail

Sierra Monee’
Sierra Monee’Thu Jan 17 2019

In what World was is ever okay for these under age girls to be in recording studios all hours of the night with this grown man && no one cared about their where abouts??!!!! let alone attending his sexual concert performances and some of them was with their parents SMFH. I blame the parents for being oblivious and blind to the kind of music he put out Selling these Babies souls for a Quick Come up!!! NOT saying what he did was right in any way, shape, or form, but this definitely should teach everyone not only women but men as well that money, publicity, and fame is not worth your innocence, your life, nor your integrity.

Sour Cream
Sour CreamThu Jan 17 2019

people should be mad at many more folks in Hollywood. BE REAL! As your show is. So many ppl have dirt that's covered up nicely. You guys are just talking about him bcus you guys don't have other men or women exposed.

makda solomon
makda solomonThu Jan 17 2019

I still like his music tho #theflow

alluringblackBThu Jan 17 2019

I think the problem that they are having is because their main goal is to stop one man. There’s your problem! It is not just about one man and when they stop focusing on just one man maybe the true goal of changing the industry can actually come to fruition.

dirty17delfThu Jan 17 2019

It's because the Music is Fucking awesome IDIOTS! STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM AND IT WILL STOP!