Dean Ambrose and his personal SWAT team subdue Seth Rollins: Raw, Dec. 3, 2018

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Demolishor Rats
Demolishor RatsTue Dec 11 2018

SMOKE mask from Rainbow Six Siege games lol 😂😂😂

Russel Gawa
Russel GawaTue Dec 11 2018

The bane ambrose and batrollins is pretty good they just need to fix the rest of the show nxt has the availability to be different i think adding DIY with dean could be something great if done right

Abhijith Karkala
Abhijith KarkalaTue Dec 11 2018

Plz.... BANE Idiot AMBROSE.....Seth your the best....

Andrew Pattison
Andrew PattisonTue Dec 11 2018

Ending the Sheild is the biggest mistake the wwe as ever made

YJ Media
YJ MediaTue Dec 11 2018

Dean ambrose look like comedian

mrskribbleTue Dec 11 2018

Dean is now a hypochondriac?

TRUE TEACHTue Dec 11 2018

Hahaha 😜😜😜

jin sav
jin savTue Dec 11 2018

when the shield break up make dean crazy now😂😂

Ashma Khan
Ashma KhanTue Dec 11 2018

take care seth💖💖💝👌

Paul Contento
Paul ContentoTue Dec 11 2018

Shame the rest of the show sucks.


dean ambrose deserves to be ic title, Seth Rollins he looks like roman raings when he is triggered

Reinier Dalina
Reinier DalinaTue Dec 11 2018

2:47 the proof of raw low ratings

Chris Story
Chris StoryTue Dec 11 2018

Man, someone please confine vince to his limo or hotel room and yank his laptop or tablet away from him because he can't write jack spit.

Diana Lynn Amoroso
Diana Lynn AmorosoTue Dec 11 2018

Dean looks like a ginger but he cool

igig Jdbs
igig JdbsTue Dec 11 2018

He's different. He's not the Dean Ambrose i knew.

Second Take
Second TakeTue Dec 11 2018

Banes Ambrose

Nick ant
Nick antTue Dec 11 2018

That theme song tho dean keep that alarm alert sound

Marshmello 369
Marshmello 369Tue Dec 11 2018

Seth Rollins is still better

Cholo Carway channel
Cholo Carway channelTue Dec 11 2018

One of the haircut looks like Darren young

J Compass
J CompassTue Dec 11 2018