$710 Potluck Dinner • Holiday Special Part 1

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Nisha Gangwani
Nisha GangwaniTue Dec 11 2018

Samosa is Indian.. Just Indian 😂🤣🙏🏻👌

Russell Brooks
Russell BrooksTue Dec 11 2018

Are you sponsored by Google now?

Débora Lascari
Débora LascariTue Dec 11 2018

Pão de queijo is the best!

L Korth
L KorthTue Dec 11 2018

I love my girlfriend but I just fell in love with Kiano.... idk what's happening

unaanguilaTue Dec 11 2018

Thanks for sharing.

Rafael Barizon
Rafael BarizonTue Dec 11 2018

AAAAAAA! You guys liked the Pao de Queijo 😍😍😍 finally a Brazilian fooood

LazyTuber YT
LazyTuber YTTue Dec 11 2018

*Gurl i love your rainbow bands but please remove it when you're cooking especially kneading next time.*

Ignatius oh yee hong
Ignatius oh yee hongTue Dec 11 2018

Feature an episode of lagsana at three diff price points for pewdiepie pls

Mochin H
Mochin HTue Dec 11 2018

KIano's voice is so seductive! she's so pretty too! 😍

raydrannTue Dec 11 2018

supersayan hair

Daisy Summerskill
Daisy SummerskillTue Dec 11 2018

Watch dominion or earthlings before you watch this video

Claresta Chew
Claresta ChewTue Dec 11 2018


Angeline Jesudasan
Angeline JesudasanTue Dec 11 2018

Andrew's White moment of shame

Daniel Mendiola
Daniel MendiolaTue Dec 11 2018

That thing they are cooking the samosas is a Comal

- Lils -
- Lils -Tue Dec 11 2018

Honestly I’m just amazed they’ve never has samosas... There’s a lot of Indian people around where I live so they’re pretty common

Meni capital 5627
Meni capital 5627Tue Dec 11 2018

Chinese guy look like he was interested in that black girl more than the food :0 who agreed or it’s just me? Lol

Mai Howell
Mai HowellTue Dec 11 2018

Dang samosas are like empanadas were all the same from the Americas 😂 well except the US.

Joshua Tang
Joshua TangTue Dec 11 2018

Is it just me or did I stop seeing Justin Y

Joshua Tang
Joshua TangTue Dec 11 2018

Fun fact you can the cheese ball at Costco and there frozen

Aleks Murillo
Aleks MurilloTue Dec 11 2018

Lebron plays for LA Steven