The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

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Jace Cavacini
Jace CavaciniSat Jan 19 2019

Point of fact: Onions do end if you keep peeling them. I have no idea what they’re talking about.

Skumic & Friends
Skumic & FriendsSat Jan 19 2019

The oscars turned their back to a diamond. Kevin Hart is this year's host and no one else! Sad!

The Watchful Hunter
The Watchful HunterFri Jan 18 2019

Never pander to cry babies or snowflakes. Be a man. Stand your ground.

The Watchful Hunter
The Watchful HunterFri Jan 18 2019

Every time Stephen asks him about it again, Kevin should to cuss him out loudly.

The Watchful Hunter
The Watchful HunterFri Jan 18 2019

Ban Oscar and all self congratulating award shows from all media.

Jano Dursunian
Jano DursunianFri Jan 18 2019

"Those" people are are so jelous of your success they trying to make you go from being number one in "comedy " to being " blaaah" in comedy..!! If you were gay and made those jokes and comments they would have praised you..!! Dont you change men cause if you do you'll lose me and millions of others who thinks just like me..! Love you!😁😍😘

Jano Dursunian
Jano DursunianFri Jan 18 2019

Hey Keeeeev, fuckem if they cant take a joke , I would hate to see you change from who you are on a count of these insensitive pricks..!! Love you Keven Heart, love your talent and love who you are..!!! what a model family man..!!

SullysNQFri Jan 18 2019

He's in a vicious struggle between not wanting to give into political correctness, and trying to preserve his reputation. Good luck to you sir.

Cary Chilton
Cary ChiltonFri Jan 18 2019

Suddenly Stephen Colbert is super offended by people who make a joke toward the gay-trans-queer community ? Going on and on about it for most of the interview was kinda weird. Letterman has done this sort of political game with some of his guests yet he was different in his personal life. Guaranteed Colbert is not deeply hurt by Kevin Harts views on gays or his jokes.... I am not big Kevin Hart fan either, he is a phony in my opinion. Seeing Colbert act like he has a dog in this fight, seems phony as well.... money....meh

Clarissa Lee
Clarissa LeeFri Jan 18 2019

Great guy

WebsterFri Jan 18 2019

Kevin Heart is way cool, guy. I like him more after this interview, mostly because he truly seem true to himself and honest with us.

Corey Mondello
Corey MondelloFri Jan 18 2019

Wow, another anti-lgbtq media personality getting free time to say he is the victim. Shame on Colbert! The man never apologized! He is anti-LGBTQ and you can’t change that!

Yoshi Bernie
Yoshi BernieFri Jan 18 2019

he is such a great guy

Taha Nasser
Taha NasserFri Jan 18 2019

'It's not over until the audience is over it?' A very spineless thing to say. Stand for something greater than just the approval of the mob Colbert, for your own sake.

Carry20_20Fri Jan 18 2019

When you have to apologise for something as a comedian... smh these overly sensitive fatties.

rivercryproductionsFri Jan 18 2019

Can kevin hart be any less funny like ever?

Sherrie Evans
Sherrie EvansFri Jan 18 2019

Would love to meet you Kevin! I'm a server at Longhorns selinsgrove pa... come in for a fabulous steak!

Angela Wang
Angela WangFri Jan 18 2019

the real fucking issue is 'cancel culture' and how people refuse to accept that people DO change and grow as human beings, and that one offensive thing done some time ago shouldn't define them as a person as long as they apologize and recognise their mistake

Alex Y
Alex YFri Jan 18 2019

Colbert needs to be charged with animal cruelty given the way he consistently beats on dead horses.

Mike Lalor
Mike LalorFri Jan 18 2019

There's a reason why people aren't accepting his apology and moving on, and it's beause his apology is fake BS