Irish People Try American Pringles

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kyle580Fri Jan 18 2019

Ciara is fine

Dan Black
Dan BlackFri Jan 18 2019

Irish Jesus needed to be here for this. He reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo, always has the munchies 😏 Do you guys have salt & vinegar Pringles? Those are my favorite and we’re considering a move to Ireland so that could be a deal breaker for me. See if you can open this link to see the flavors we have in the states: Look at the home page for some ideas on Pringle Stacks - put 3 different flavor Pringles together to make something else entirely.

fadetoblackmistFri Jan 18 2019

Who picks these flavors?? If your going to try pringles, at least do sour cream n onion and cheddar.

wcokeThu Jan 17 2019

Pringles a.k.a crack crisps just so addictive.

Derrick the fuck yall talkin bout Lewis
Derrick the fuck yall talkin bout LewisThu Jan 17 2019

Did that chick just say she loves meat flavors on the buffalo ranch? 😂😂😂

Clevland Black
Clevland BlackThu Jan 17 2019

where is sarina. im pissed u wankers. bring the beauty back in the videos.

Yeah Whatever
Yeah WhateverThu Jan 17 2019

haven't experianced an american snack yet that wasnt shit in a wrapper or can.

Dustin H
Dustin HWed Jan 16 2019

Dill pickle is my favorite Pringle, but it always gets dirty looks.

Shawn Wilson
Shawn WilsonWed Jan 16 2019

Where the heck is the Sour cream and onion at?

RandydnaR MoorerooM
RandydnaR MoorerooMWed Jan 16 2019

Is it just me or are these same people used in almost every channel that does "irish trying food"

Mambi Moisture
Mambi MoistureWed Jan 16 2019

"Loud" is a reference to the potency of the flavour. It's a drug reference. High potency Marijuana is referred to as "loud" in some regions because you can smell it through the bag it's sold in. It's very conspicuous in its fragrance, therefore "loud" because it's obvious.

tallboyyyyWed Jan 16 2019

It's the deep fried taste It's the crispy crunch Pass the Pringles please I need a bunch I've got the fever for the flavor of a Pringle!

TheRedGameboyWed Jan 16 2019

Do or do not. .....There is no Try Channel.

Ethan Gretsky
Ethan GretskyWed Jan 16 2019

Ooofff that short girls spray tan hands 🤮 use barrier cream!

bitch tits
bitch titsWed Jan 16 2019

It would ruin your poor little vagina LOL

Josh B
Josh BTue Jan 15 2019

Hickory BBQ wavy lays best chips ever

Adam Dornik
Adam DornikTue Jan 15 2019

Damn I think Tom has fucked all the girl like damn Tom you cool... hella cool

VannyBrannyTue Jan 15 2019

Justine: 'I love buffalo crisps over here, so I have very high hopes for these.' Ciara: 'Oh I love meat flavoured crisps!' 🤨Naaaaaw...Ciara...ffs 🙄

Keep it 100 G
Keep it 100 GTue Jan 15 2019

I just want to go find an Irish girl now

Mike Foreman
Mike ForemanTue Jan 15 2019

Low-key in love with Ciara O