Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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THE SKILLSTue Dec 11 2018

why doesn't Linus make a gaming pc and sell and other YouTubers review it

dayle R
dayle RTue Dec 11 2018

I watched the Gamers Nexus video before this one. LTT were lucky to get the right build!

tomthe13ombTue Dec 11 2018

2 pcs with the exact same specs are running about the same. shocker.

Adam Lennon
Adam LennonTue Dec 11 2018


DopestDopeTue Dec 11 2018

partitions matter, when you are a retard and save all the shit in one partition and a virus gets your os and boom reinstall everything like a bitch. but if you partition os drive and media drive and game drive, then boom, you can reformat the os drive to reinstall and that's it. all the media and games are safe. linus never heard of this because he's rich af and he depends on the cloud or extra storage devices.

Mike Thomas
Mike ThomasTue Dec 11 2018

Why didn't you show us a comparison of the inside of the HP to the Walmart system?

Abdul Samad
Abdul SamadTue Dec 11 2018

Why it seems it is biased 😂😂

Sam Hayes
Sam HayesTue Dec 11 2018

Im all peformance and 0 rgb XD.

MrKingLittleTue Dec 11 2018

Best solution: just build your own pc!

Yuki dick
Yuki dickTue Dec 11 2018

Give me the PC if you going to complain Soo much

SidKillzTue Dec 11 2018

they spent all the money on rgb fans and glass case, and mountain dew. lol

KoniiTue Dec 11 2018

Going all out on the CPU/GPU/RAM/SSD/HDD : but cheaping out on the two most vital parts, the motherboard and the PSU. what is wrong with these people

Elyo Doyle
Elyo DoyleTue Dec 11 2018

Buying a gaming pc is a BIG waste of money and if you're an adult playing video games is a waste of time and a BIG RED FLAG that you haven't matured past adolescence.

Elyo Doyle
Elyo DoyleTue Dec 11 2018

I'm using a Asus, windows vista laptop that I bought 50%off for 300$ on black friday , 7 years ago.

Mike Perri
Mike PerriTue Dec 11 2018

2:48 "So you're gonna be overwhelmed by the oh penis of it."

Hrithik Jain
Hrithik JainTue Dec 11 2018

So booring pakuchan

No name ok
No name okTue Dec 11 2018

Partitioning makes it 1000% easier to back stuff up, linus

XeNoSeigeTue Dec 11 2018

Is a rx 580 graphics card any good

daniel rovik
daniel rovikTue Dec 11 2018

your curtains is hurting my head

JGroff171Tue Dec 11 2018

I know its just a video but who games in there kitchen