Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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Ste Rex
Ste RexTue Feb 19 2019

honestly wouldnt say no to it, better than anything ive had lol

BAGUS IRFANTue Feb 19 2019

i like case so simple

Ultimateaero4Tue Feb 19 2019

What is the brand name of those rgb fans?

thebluepez _
thebluepez _Tue Feb 19 2019

Ngentot berjaamaa

Steve Gaye
Steve GayeTue Feb 19 2019

He speaks alien

Marcel Colquitt
Marcel ColquittTue Feb 19 2019

Lol who still take adivce from linus? He's so bias

KingJoker 910
KingJoker 910Tue Feb 19 2019

That's why I dont buy anything from Walmart I've stopped shopping at Walmart 4 years ago

Vulpes Ville
Vulpes VilleTue Feb 19 2019

I came here to learn about computers. I didnt understand a word you said, soooo, the only thing I took from this video was that I like the colors on the computer. :)

S0E Veracidez
S0E VeracidezTue Feb 19 2019


Bristol Black
Bristol BlackTue Feb 19 2019

Y’all should upgrade the pc

Rory Dietz
Rory DietzMon Feb 18 2019

It has Windows 3.1 and 1 metabite of ram

Travis Clark
Travis ClarkMon Feb 18 2019

you should put a seizure warning because of that damn curtain.

Felix Thompson
Felix ThompsonMon Feb 18 2019

Am I the only one who had no idea what the heck happened in this video? (I know nothing about tech)

gary proffitt
gary proffittMon Feb 18 2019

Over-clock is stupid and PC frying time !

fish inside a whale
fish inside a whaleMon Feb 18 2019

._. what are you saying

Keenan Krum
Keenan KrumMon Feb 18 2019

He looks scared of it whenever he gets near it xD

Oh Boy
Oh BoyMon Feb 18 2019

If you don't like it you can give it to me

Todd Moss
Todd MossMon Feb 18 2019

This video and the comments section are the exact reason most people hate "computer guys".

TylerRajeskiMon Feb 18 2019

I wish all the comments were points about the pc and not their opinion about other comments. Smh

Mohammad Ghanbari Nehbandani
Mohammad Ghanbari NehbandaniMon Feb 18 2019

for expert the design is horrible but for non expert its cool (fan colors i excited too) i don't still get it why they put onboard VGA they put pressure on north bridge its very bad for gaming design like Lenovo gaming laptop put north bridge and VGA chip on 1 chip WTF!!! I'm repairing computer hardware and for me MSI motherboard design is very perfect the second is Asus