Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood Photos | Billboard

Ahead of receiving the Woman of the Year award at Billboard's Women in Music event, Ariana Grande looks back at childhood photographs and shares advice for her younger self. #ArianaGrande #ThankUNext #Billboard #WomenInMusic Subscribe for The Latest Hot 100 Charts & ALL Music News! ►► Billboard News: New Channel, Same Awesome ►►
James Carson
James CarsonTue Dec 11 2018

Ok, but why do they have pictures of her as a child?

SwagSkylar MSP
SwagSkylar MSPTue Dec 11 2018

When she cusses it sounds so innocent

Roxana-Amber Sweetman
Roxana-Amber SweetmanTue Dec 11 2018

She looks like Kehlani as a baby. It's soooooooooooo weird

paiman paiman
paiman paimanTue Dec 11 2018

This comment section is so toxic My nan would be proud

Jessi 3005
Jessi 3005Tue Dec 11 2018

I swear she's fucked up on a heap of drugs.. it's going to come out just like it did with Demi

September Jaii
September JaiiTue Dec 11 2018


September Jaii
September JaiiTue Dec 11 2018

Not even gonna speak on the fake tan but wth is going on with her fake voice... 😕

Nature Wins
Nature WinsMon Dec 10 2018

Back when she used to be White

Emily G
Emily GMon Dec 10 2018

I think it’s so sad , how she’s always talking herself down .. She‘s gorgeous and I really hope she’s gonna see that in 2019

Donte Moses
Donte MosesMon Dec 10 2018

I wish I had a girlfriend like Ariana grande.

zak tanswell
zak tanswellMon Dec 10 2018

Dose she have a YouTube channel

Jake’s toy time Hillier
Jake’s toy time HillierMon Dec 10 2018

I look just like her as a kid

ukMon Dec 10 2018

manchester humiliation ritual

Fabian Vallejos
Fabian VallejosMon Dec 10 2018

I love the video! We are from Dance Vida, I hope you like our post and you can subscribe too 💜😎

HELEN DIYMon Dec 10 2018


ObservetteMARCHMon Dec 10 2018

She seems high 💊 especially evident @3:00 She looks beautiful tho🤷🏼‍♀️ A LOT of fake tan but at least it suits her.

Landon Tristen Taylor
Landon Tristen TaylorMon Dec 10 2018

She’s so pretty omg

Loren Dahan
Loren DahanMon Dec 10 2018

Is her hair fake????😮

Amrah Siraj
Amrah SirajMon Dec 10 2018

I just love her voice so much!💕

Love love
Love loveMon Dec 10 2018

So this is her real voice?