Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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Jimmy Tech
Jimmy TechFri Jan 18 2019

Linus was like a Kid on Christmas on this video :D

Abbas Raza Nasir
Abbas Raza NasirFri Jan 18 2019

Linus you dumb f... stop being a control freak and unplug the antenna cables that way i would have been easier for you to put it back in and you wouldnt have to ask em to assemble it for ya

globulasFri Jan 18 2019

Wondering why, if you are called Linus Tech Tips .. you have to ask how to disassemble a fairly obvious modular system!!

MrT33CEEFri Jan 18 2019

I Bought an Alienware back in the 00s I think 2006 the top of the range ALX with the custom spray job. Amazing Laptop, however after just 4 years there was an issue with the main motherboard which couldnt be replaced or fixed.... £2500 laptop turned into an expensive drinks mat.... I would never buy another ever again...

Jason howe
Jason howeFri Jan 18 2019

beggers wanted to ask why not goto to a dimm slot for gpu ram and a gpu socket style for the gpu

Dafaq_U Meen
Dafaq_U MeenFri Jan 18 2019

Oh god Linus, Be careful! Don't drop it. Lol

KDingo81Fri Jan 18 2019

I can already foresee a huge increase in security for CES 2020, as they need them to keep an eye on linus to not disassemble all the hardware that is showcased. "I wasn´t supposed to disassemble that? Ok, well here have this bag of screws and those pieces, i may or may not have dropped some of them."

HUGEGUTS!Fri Jan 18 2019

Dell/Alienware's site says the max GPU config is a GTX 1080. Is the RTX 2080 TI a future config?

Bear Sketches
Bear SketchesFri Jan 18 2019

is no one going to mention the RGB trackpad?

SMaze17Fri Jan 18 2019

We want benchmarks!!! Great video yet again Linus.

ICE W0LLOW SEAMANFri Jan 18 2019

10:12 Really? she think this is some kind of reality show or what? hahahahahah TF clap clap clap pfgahaha

Alex Simon
Alex SimonThu Jan 17 2019

Conan the Barbarian

llSithKainThu Jan 17 2019

I checked out Dbrand, from the link in the description - they have no Nokia skins. I google 'dbrand nokia' and it comes up with a link stating Dbrand said "Nokia phones belong in the trash" well, fuck me I guess. No Dbrand skin for my phone!

KParaDThu Jan 17 2019

Screw the laptop *where can I buy that rgb chair????*

Daikataro Kamegawa
Daikataro KamegawaThu Jan 17 2019

Did... did DELL just allow you to tear down a several hundred bucks computer with bare hands? On a carpeted floor? With no ESD strap or any other means of grounding?

Gajendra Ambi
Gajendra AmbiThu Jan 17 2019

what is it missing? up-gradable screen, up-gradable keyboard, up-gradable motherboard. Having worked at HP, DELL and now IBM, I can confidently say that this is clearly possible at the same or smaller form factor; but they won't do it yet unless they have to, to survive.

PickeringSamuelThu Jan 17 2019

Love you Linus 😍

Chris McDonald
Chris McDonaldThu Jan 17 2019

We have to give dell credit on this. But I see Nivida blocking this some how Idk why but i do.

Sinan Akkoyun
Sinan AkkoyunThu Jan 17 2019

This is more than VR ready Does it have an PCI express slot? xD

veleriphonThu Jan 17 2019

How many seconds does it run at full draw?