Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | Special Look

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Anthony Alabado
Anthony AlabadoFri Jan 18 2019

Nick Fury and Agent Coulson is like they're Men in Black....wearing black suit dealing with aliens

Israel M
Israel MFri Jan 18 2019

Dam movies are like Netflix they just make as many as they for money that it's lame now to go see the movie

V.I.K DOPE BOYFri Jan 18 2019

It has nothing to do with endgame! This is simply an captain marvel origin story! You can definitely skip this before endgame! Why would marvel take a risk of possibly spoiling the income of $2 billion at box office by spilling the story or any mainline plot before the endgame come out in theatre!

Earl Brooks
Earl BrooksFri Jan 18 2019

Song please

Dwayne Chambers
Dwayne ChambersFri Jan 18 2019

It's too late now, but I always thought Evan Rachel Wood from Westworld would've made a better pick for Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. We'll see how Brie Larson does. She might surprise us.

smasheddragonFri Jan 18 2019

Are we supposed to forget the real captain marvel and love line of miss marvel? Ohhh... right... gender equality or bias?? Idk which one is happening

GuelphRacingFri Jan 18 2019

Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day <3

DorshAnFri Jan 18 2019

Okay so how did Nick Fury know that Captain Marvel isn't turned into dust by the snap. Can anyone explain please

MR.NONAME NONICThu Jan 17 2019

What ost at 0:49 pls

Khalid jamal
Khalid jamalThu Jan 17 2019

Waiting on fire 😭❤️

Taras 23
Taras 23Thu Jan 17 2019

So this takes time before Iron Man or when?

Ali Zengin
Ali ZenginThu Jan 17 2019

OMGGG. Awesomeee Cap.! Carol Danvers I love you. ;)

mrknockknock1Thu Jan 17 2019

Still no match for Deadpool. :P

David Michael
David MichaelThu Jan 17 2019

Marvel is dominating the industry and I’m absolutely living for it.

GranToreno916Thu Jan 17 2019

Who’s here after watching the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer???

YoAsTy ToAsTy
YoAsTy ToAsTyThu Jan 17 2019

Captain Feminism

Manu Solorio
Manu SolorioThu Jan 17 2019

00:19 ufff that face <3

josh muyingo
josh muyingoThu Jan 17 2019

What's the song?

Ella Heller
Ella HellerThu Jan 17 2019

As excited as I am for this movie, the SHIELD acronym wasn't created yet so what might have been funny just kinda bothered me by being inaccurate

Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando GonzalezThu Jan 17 2019

Doo doo