The 1975 - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships OUT NOW: The 1975 - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) Official Video Directed by Warren Fu
Kewpie Doll
Kewpie DollTue Feb 19 2019

Thank you for ripping off talking heads. David byrne is not pleased

Bhabha Mthembu
Bhabha MthembuTue Feb 19 2019


BruceMon Feb 18 2019

I just realised this song and sincerity is scary is the parallel universe where they both wake up at the same time and go about with their different lifestyles.

Ryan McNamara
Ryan McNamaraSun Feb 17 2019

Lovely tune. If you like this music also check out music by Donkeyboy. Thank you The 1975' s. Love it.

samtskSun Feb 17 2019

OMG does anyone else notice the Godard and Fellini references? at 1:18 4:23 and 5:16 :O <3 <3 <3

BigBig5Sun Feb 17 2019

It's mostly parodying the Talking Heads live performances.

Phil Jones
Phil JonesSat Feb 16 2019

Another band from the musical universe they call Manchester UK

the terre mars
the terre marsSat Feb 16 2019

サマソニ楽しみにしてるで😍 行くか分からんけど

John Doe
John DoeSat Feb 16 2019

Stop making sense

Joaco Salvador
Joaco SalvadorFri Feb 15 2019

David Bryan does not fucking aproove, this is an insult to talking heads

Limberlost Productions
Limberlost ProductionsFri Feb 15 2019

The most beautiful song about the ugliest substance. Very well done! Those backup harmonies are to die for.

x Arianator x
x Arianator xFri Feb 15 2019

I keep addicted to this songggg omgggg ❤️❤️

tuana şahin
tuana şahinThu Feb 14 2019

truman show?

kanheri kamble ASMR
kanheri kamble ASMRThu Feb 14 2019

What a poet Matty is drowning isn't sufficient

Jamie Lee
Jamie LeeThu Feb 14 2019

I don't know why, but I expected him to scream again when the glass broke.

JulieWed Feb 13 2019

The video is about his drug addiction and what it feels like and how hes trying to fight it to do well in his career.

go get em
go get emWed Feb 13 2019

If ya guys didn’t know the video is paying a little homage to the talking heads STOP MAKING SENSE an amazing live concert movie btw

Soreina Summers
Soreina SummersWed Feb 13 2019

I love the 80s kind of vibe from this. Can’t believe I’m late to his song, but it’s so catchy! Gotta play it at least once a day now!

Jon Hulbert
Jon HulbertTue Feb 12 2019

Loving The Talking Heads - Stop making sense tour reference. Favourite tour of all time.

LenaTue Feb 12 2019

selling petrooOOool