Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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Anonymous Unknown
Anonymous UnknownTue Feb 19 2019

I'm sorry but what the hell is fashion nowadays? Those eyebrows??¿

Busyamas Hinprakob
Busyamas HinprakobTue Feb 19 2019

I'M like your eyebrows

blueberry_play 1
blueberry_play 1Tue Feb 19 2019

Me: eats cake looks at models man i need to lose some weight *keeps eating*

Lovelyz Anna
Lovelyz AnnaTue Feb 19 2019

The models are so skinny of course models must be skinny but their butts are even smaller than mine 😂😂😂

Aprelle Jormeh Dela Cruz
Aprelle Jormeh Dela CruzTue Feb 19 2019

why is halsey not a model wtf

shamiya omer
shamiya omerTue Feb 19 2019

Just how tf could he have left without this angel 😭💖

baio ecoi
baio ecoiTue Feb 19 2019

She can be model and singer omg

David Ortiz
David OrtizTue Feb 19 2019

Sexier than the models

Nadya Th
Nadya ThTue Feb 19 2019

Halsey voiceee damnn🔥🔥

sele dnn
sele dnnTue Feb 19 2019

Finally toni 😍😍

vBDKvTue Feb 19 2019

wtf is this

therealMISTER 16
therealMISTER 16Tue Feb 19 2019

she looks like oberon from warframe

deisam abbas
deisam abbasTue Feb 19 2019

bitch hella lookin like james charles the fukin cunt

ibi ibrahim
ibi ibrahimTue Feb 19 2019


creator nununu
creator nununuTue Feb 19 2019

skin and bones model arent hot at all

Святобор Гамаюн
Святобор ГамаюнTue Feb 19 2019

Супер девочки !!!!!Я бы их трахал день и ночь !!!!!!!!Но воздержание круче !!!!!!!!!!😘😘😘😘😘😘💣💣💣💥💥💥

Святобор Гамаюн
Святобор ГамаюнTue Feb 19 2019

Что за певица ?!?!?У неё крыша поехала !!!!!!Я бы её в задницу отодрал !!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Akshay Das
Akshay DasTue Feb 19 2019

sexy voice

V STue Feb 19 2019


Lilo the Queen
Lilo the QueenTue Feb 19 2019

1:01 is that Sophie monk?