Florida’s Lionfish Invasion | The Daily Show

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TommyDrumsFri Jan 18 2019

This is America

Amazing Hydra717
Amazing Hydra717Wed Jan 16 2019

Build a wall

xXAnimaXxMon Jan 14 2019

Peta is an idiot for this. They need all the help they can get to stop the invasive species but they're being picky about it??

Musikitty 5
Musikitty 5Sun Jan 13 2019

Everytime Ronny see another asian guy: "i don't know what it is but there's something about this guy that makes me trust him"

QuantumSun Jan 13 2019

So shooting a fish isn’t cruel?!

Baum Mann
Baum MannSun Jan 13 2019

i see underwater gunning tourism and shooting competitions for nature and wildlife preservation if this can get big anywere it´s Murica as a german im shockt that this isn´t a thriving industry already

Arya Yarlagadda
Arya YarlagaddaSat Jan 12 2019

PETA is so stupid. Lionfish are extremely dangerous and are destroying reefs. We shouldn’t let them stop us from saving the Florida Reefs.

Chousour HeNtAi
Chousour HeNtAiFri Jan 11 2019

"The only way to stop a bad fish is a good guy with a gun."

Olivia Eyes
Olivia EyesFri Jan 11 2019

animal woke police a;lksdjfkl

Hector Machorro Cesar
Hector Machorro CesarThu Jan 10 2019

as it turns out, lion fish meat is very tasty, so they can very well make a profit out of this problem.

Jills Mcfarland
Jills McfarlandThu Jan 10 2019


Cadi Levox
Cadi LevoxThu Jan 10 2019

Shoot em? What? I don't know a lot about guns but.. Isn't that impractical? And robots is a long term expensive research too so it's better to transfer budget from fish catching robots to research robots that are more versatile in their use. Why don't you just catch them with nets, and cook them. And if that is cruel enough for peeta, why don't they just fund a way that is as productive and as efficient as the net thing? Or they couldjust swim with venomous fish if they want. Befriend them into leaving

ActThu Jan 10 2019

Lionfish is to Florida what humans are to Earth. So what to do about them?

Timothy E. Stroud
Timothy E. StroudWed Jan 09 2019

Why is this okay? Why are you folks okay with this? Does no one feel anything anymore? It doesn’t take much to be compassionate.

Flames N/a
Flames N/aWed Jan 09 2019

So does he pick up the shells after his done shooting cuz I'm sure that not good for Mother Earth 🌏 too don't get me wrong I think it good n cheaper than a robot

The boogie man
The boogie manTue Jan 08 2019

I'd totally watch a judge dredd style movie version of this. One guy with an underwater gun, locked inside a weird reef shooting waves of lion fishes his way to the top of the reef. "Dori is not the law. I am the law".

Erick Aguilar
Erick AguilarTue Jan 08 2019

Fish tacos !!!!dummies

Alondra Velasco
Alondra VelascoTue Jan 08 2019

How the fuck you gonna shoot a fish

q perry
q perryTue Jan 08 2019

I’m from Florida and I got a glock 23 but I will never stand my ground against Mother Nature unless she in my house🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sheddy Empire
Sheddy EmpireMon Jan 07 2019