The key moments from George HW Bush's funeral

From the emotional speech of George W Bush to the painful tensions between Clinton and Trump - here are the key moments from the funeral of US former president George HW Bush Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► Washington mourns George HW Bush as Trump gives cold shoulder to Clintons ► Today in Focus podcast ► Support the Guardian ► The Guardian YouTube network: The Guardian ► Owen Jones talks ► Guardian Football ► Guardian Sport ► Guardian Culture ►
Fuddy Duddy
Fuddy DuddyMon Feb 18 2019

A lot of evil in this world..........

Wild Bill
Wild BillSun Feb 17 2019

Do not find peace in these people facing their punishments, find peace in God being the one to take care of it.

anonymous anon
anonymous anonSun Feb 10 2019

Good riddance.

John Giglio
John GiglioSat Feb 09 2019

It was a beautiful funeral for a former president can’t you people leave it alone without bringing out your baseless conspiracy theories!

Jobs mandem
Jobs mandemSat Feb 09 2019

Now he will burn in hell, fire will quench its thirst in this devils flesh for eternity.

Von Dutch
Von DutchThu Feb 07 2019

I'm glad he's dead

Lilskies Thegoat
Lilskies ThegoatTue Feb 05 2019

We want Obama back not Donald Trump. Like if u agree

Poli tricks
Poli tricksTue Jan 29 2019

One Dirty Rat left. Another Rats shall die soon too.

Moonwalker 22
Moonwalker 22Sat Jan 26 2019

RIP Saddam Hussein

Clarke Foco
Clarke FocoFri Jan 25 2019

FBI watched each recipent of the envelope to ensure they saw "you are under arrest". Nurmberg Nazi Trial ahead

walid vlogs
walid vlogsThu Jan 24 2019

He died at 91 funny how God shows signs on Satan's works. the devil is waiting with 1 thing more for you

movieman175Thu Jan 24 2019

1:30 Poor Joe Biden stands up behind Jimmy Carter. 😂 no handshake for you.

Charles Boquet
Charles BoquetWed Jan 23 2019

Where's Jr?

Mohammed Ali
Mohammed AliTue Jan 22 2019

When will you die George Bush hope you die in pain and misery

Balade Creteil
Balade CreteilTue Jan 22 2019

Ahahah i'm very happy

Jim bison
Jim bisonTue Jan 22 2019

At around 130 W shaking hand and Trump has hand on W back and Laura reaches her hand to DJT and Laura says something to DJT and waves her hand to let W move down the row of past potus es

Cukarr Lajqi
Cukarr LajqiSun Jan 20 2019

TRUMP IS the best president ever WE the people support president trump

Joseph cavagnaro
Joseph cavagnaroSun Jan 20 2019


Theo Fulk
Theo FulkFri Jan 18 2019

Will you be so sympathetic, to find "POPPY" was one of the biggest heroin 'lords' of history, thru the era of both Vietnam and even Afghanistan, with uncounted millions of deaths as 'collateral damage' ? There is justification galore for the misinterpretation that it's DISRESPECT--- At least one like Hitler was openly evil, a shred of honesty while murdering.

Theo Fulk
Theo FulkFri Jan 18 2019

Implications in Treason and Assassination of JFK do quickly slap the normal sense of respect right off your face. Brutal Truth is like an earthquake, and for all we know, it was a pic of Bush SR. hanging---- Nobody's going to tell me Jeb's looking at mere WORDS. There is nothing hid, that shall not be revealed---it's a Divorce from the DEVIL/mire measures.