Being the Best/Worst Ever

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Unicorn Rebel cat
Unicorn Rebel catTue Feb 19 2019

I like purple

Drans 07
Drans 07Tue Feb 19 2019

You should be proud to of yourself but don’t let that stop you from improving yourself more

PixelPixTue Feb 19 2019

6:08 *But purple is a cute color..*

Jolie K
Jolie KTue Feb 19 2019

6:28 got em

- GMB248
- GMB248Tue Feb 19 2019

Jake Paul has entered the room 3:06 Glad you called him a sociopath.

GradyArtTue Feb 19 2019

6:28 tho she got us all

SHRUTHI S MTue Feb 19 2019

5:37 I saw that nod to Dale Carnegie. Superb content!

bella’s stuff
bella’s stuffTue Feb 19 2019

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Lizagna 618
Lizagna 618Tue Feb 19 2019

Me: Jaiden, should we be proud of ourselves? Jaiden: Yes, but actually no

The Golden Block
The Golden BlockTue Feb 19 2019

8:20 Ricegum in a nutshell. SHOTS FIRED

AntiGamerKidTue Feb 19 2019

Jaiden: gets video to 9:59 Just one more frikin second Ok I can’t animate for one more second :/

Truce Truce
Truce TruceTue Feb 19 2019

What a beautiful moral that really shines through (despite all the shade)

Whiz Kid Videos
Whiz Kid VideosTue Feb 19 2019

She called me a freak😭 I’m sad

DarkBunni_GachaTue Feb 19 2019

This is the self esteem corner Everyone who needs a better self esteem can read some of the comments that nice people put in here Compliments wanted

that guy
that guyTue Feb 19 2019

Aw man, but I love the colour purple

Crazy pandas
Crazy pandasTue Feb 19 2019


Tmangame Mitchell
Tmangame MitchellTue Feb 19 2019

My favorite color is purple too

Milly Lessin
Milly LessinTue Feb 19 2019


Tape Face
Tape FaceTue Feb 19 2019


Undertale LPS
Undertale LPSTue Feb 19 2019

welp i guess im a freak

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