Being the Best/Worst Ever

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Mosa Mootsana
Mosa MootsanaTue Dec 11 2018

Jaden please make your vids 10 min becouse you are one of the few you tubers that should be paid, and thank you from the 9 year old army and we will now always support you in everything you do

Skate Rock
Skate RockTue Dec 11 2018

Subbed for pewdiepie

Sober Irish
Sober IrishTue Dec 11 2018

So how do you measure self-worth??? Ya just...don’t???

lera angel
lera angelTue Dec 11 2018

Типо я из России ,но ты не поймёшь поэтому Hello

QckieTue Dec 11 2018

*SNEAK 100*

Pratyush Srivastava
Pratyush SrivastavaTue Dec 11 2018

Wow so many people came from PewDiePie.

noam avraham
noam avrahamTue Dec 11 2018


Inlet Gaming
Inlet GamingTue Dec 11 2018

Anyone see the got ‘em at 6:29

Chargerguy101Tue Dec 11 2018

Thanks jaiden for putting pewdiepie’s chair and more in youtube rewind Thanks jaiden very cool

Plainjupiter724Tue Dec 11 2018

I just saw rewind because I finally built up the courage to do it and nice chair did it only cost 399

CrazyCraftPETue Dec 11 2018

Thanks for doing your part for Pewds in Rewind 2018. <3

Sizam Wielki
Sizam WielkiTue Dec 11 2018

Very dynamic video channel 👍 😁 👍 New subscriber 🙋 like for You 263 . . . Thousands . . . 👆 back me also my Friend something 🙏 Greetings EveryONE 🙆

lesbiabTue Dec 11 2018

1 second away from That Cash

LOKYMIRTue Dec 11 2018

3:26 YoutubeRewind on the hanging shelf in the Background, there's a Submarine, a Picture of ✌️and a P sign which means *Sub to Pewds* and his chair too ❤❤

Nexo Davix
Nexo DavixTue Dec 11 2018

My friends said that is a animation whit you on a porn website called PornHub.

Monkey Dude
Monkey DudeTue Dec 11 2018

Good job jaiden for futering PiwDiePies chair in yt rewind

AnimeJojoTue Dec 11 2018

Why do I not see comments about 3:38? anyone get me?

Doggo Gamer
Doggo GamerTue Dec 11 2018

1:49 when your favorite anime series ends

FineManTue Dec 11 2018

Omg in her part in yt rewind she put a SUB(marine) a ✌(2, not peace) P(ewds)

JM YA1LTue Dec 11 2018

Thank You Jaiden, Very Cool!

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