Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

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NPC JTue Dec 11 2018

Why Marvel why? This will be the Green Lantern of the MCU.

Ruby Blue
Ruby BlueTue Dec 11 2018

Yeah...I've grown tired of all these superhuman hero type films. They always have the same routine: origin story to how or why they are superhuman, they struggle a bit because it's hard being superhuman and smoking hot to boot and then in the end the always win or they first lose and then they win. The only thing I found remotely interesting in this trailer was Fury interacting with the cat. They should do a buddy movie about them.

T'lan Imass
T'lan ImassTue Dec 11 2018

Rogue shows up at the end and steals her powers.

John Winchesterp29
John Winchesterp29Tue Dec 11 2018

Yep this movie will bomb.

EBFilmsManTue Dec 11 2018


Samir Khan
Samir KhanTue Dec 11 2018

1:19 Is this the same space ship where Tony is stuck?looks like same.

OSTREYCHTue Dec 11 2018

And feminism kills the marvel franchise

White K
White KTue Dec 11 2018

You gotta save tony 😭😭😭😭

Billy The Great Hope
Billy The Great HopeTue Dec 11 2018

Captain Marvel : 9 March 2019. Avengers End Game : 10 April 2019. Look. They are neighbourhood.

Andrew Morrison
Andrew MorrisonTue Dec 11 2018

I'll watch this just for Ronan

aaronsandeTue Dec 11 2018

I wish you'd stop doing the her-hero thing. Starting to look pandery.

God I'm Sorry Have Mercy
God I'm Sorry Have MercyTue Dec 11 2018

Green Latern looks awfully different now

NemotubeTue Dec 11 2018

Im looking forward to most things in this movie somehow, apart from the main character herself. Thats not a good thing.


I thought Captain Marvel was going to save the universe, but it looks like Ant-Man will.

HarajukafistTue Dec 11 2018

Oh my god so boring I'm dying

augus_ 080299
augus_ 080299Tue Dec 11 2018

1:44 Ronan el Acusador aparece por lo tanto esta pelicula es anterior a guardians of the galaxy

karthik keyan
karthik keyanTue Dec 11 2018

No Good.... This is gonna be the first marvel movie that I wouldn't watch...

XthegreatwhyXTue Dec 11 2018

Awmygawd, I'm gonna end it, gurl!

Philip Mario
Philip MarioTue Dec 11 2018

So, Brandi love is the new CM ?

cody mark
cody markTue Dec 11 2018

that green suit is ugly