Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

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CameelaTue Feb 19 2019


Lmao Lyl
Lmao LylTue Feb 19 2019

Horrible acting for a supposed to be good movie.

Vince and  Repeat
Vince and RepeatTue Feb 19 2019

Today, Screen Rant published an article about all of the negative pre-reviews for Captain Marvel on Rotten Tomatoes, calling all of these people “toxic trolls” for simply saying that they DID NOT want to watch Captain Marvel. I take this very personally, because one of those pre-reviews was MINE. I am just a white guy, expressing my honest opinion, that I won’t be going to see Captain Marvel. Why does that INSANELY make me a “toxic troll”? Is calling me a “toxic troll” for expressing my own honest opinion, supposed to make me want to go to see Captain Marvel? So NO OPINIONS allowed? And WE are supposed to be “toxic trolls”, clearly it is the other way around 😂

Random Person
Random PersonTue Feb 19 2019

Lol, I’m a man so I am not invited to watch this trash movie. That’s ok, though, wasn’t gonna watch it anyway. Yo Marvel Entertainment, might as well pull the plug now. Get woke, go broke and all that lol

rtxd kavy
rtxd kavyTue Feb 19 2019

Booooo get off the stage

ThanosTue Feb 19 2019


Tomasz Pawlik
Tomasz PawlikTue Feb 19 2019

This sucks even more

Paul Enos
Paul EnosTue Feb 19 2019

Oh so that's why there are movies that get so much press called marvel. It is the devil's work against 1 John 3:13. DO NOT MARVEL MY BROTHERS.

Денис Малинка
Денис МалинкаTue Feb 19 2019

Thanos has left the universe

Adriano Silva
Adriano SilvaTue Feb 19 2019

Guess I'll wait for it to be uploaded to xvideos '-'

tiago prates cowan
tiago prates cowanTue Feb 19 2019

Lol bree Larson gets broke cus she went woke

Aria Wiyanto
Aria WiyantoTue Feb 19 2019

Even kristen stewart in twilight has more expression

Aria Wiyanto
Aria WiyantoTue Feb 19 2019

As a brown man I paint my skin to white just to respect Brie Larson fully, to avoid seeing her movie

*yui *
*yui *Tue Feb 19 2019

Everyone is hating and me be like Omggggg OMGGGGG I CANT WAIT FOR MOVIE

Ribenk S
Ribenk STue Feb 19 2019


Elana Vital
Elana VitalTue Feb 19 2019

Oh look. A blonde haired cheerleader meangirl is going to show everyone how better she is at everything, and anyone who says otherwise gets shunned. This is highschool all over again...Excuse me while a little brown girl like me goes to hide in the girl's bathroom to cry.

Emil Kiełczyński
Emil KiełczyńskiTue Feb 19 2019

"Muh stronk womyn character- The Movie"

Jerilyn Bridges
Jerilyn BridgesTue Feb 19 2019

She has snap she has fizz! And Unlike Boomer, she knows what acting is! It's not shaking her hips and smiling !, Boys!

Thomas Nguyen
Thomas NguyenTue Feb 19 2019

What if Nick Fury lost his eye cause he trusted Captain Marvel and she thought he was a Skrull and punched him in the face

Call Me J. R.
Call Me J. R.Tue Feb 19 2019

i hope it not all special affects and actually have a good story with good actor. I feel like this movie about to be trash , i will love for it to prove me wrong tho.