Surprising Slurpee Combos Taste Test

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Khallah Zavala
Khallah ZavalaTue Dec 11 2018

Link made me laugh saying that last “WAHHH!” 😂😭💕

Martin marty
Martin martyTue Dec 11 2018


ytubeanonMon Dec 10 2018

it wasn't sucralose: "Unfortunately for the Haribo candy company, they chose to replace the sugar in their gummy bears with Lycasin. They’ve since taken them off the market. Lycasin’s main ingredient is maltitol. Maltitol is what’s known as a sugar alcohol, and it’s a very good replacement for table sugar (sucrose). It’s almost as sweet, it forms granular crystals, it even dissolves in water like sucrose."

Kaia Blauser
Kaia BlauserMon Dec 10 2018

Biome buddies is a good name for a band

Saman Khan
Saman KhanMon Dec 10 2018

4:06 link looked so cute while saying that

Legolas Soul
Legolas SoulSun Dec 09 2018

You guys should do a Will It Hot chocolate?

meghan warner
meghan warnerSun Dec 09 2018

There is 8 saws in total

Kristina G
Kristina GSun Dec 09 2018

What you guys are referring to at 6:00 is for people with certain conditions especially after a long term or serious antibiotic therapy. Like with some people who had c. difficile.

Big Fudge
Big FudgeSat Dec 08 2018

That's the worst thing when you are close to getting the sweet relief of a sneeze but it doesn't come

kohl cooke
kohl cookeSat Dec 08 2018

8:24 was some asmr


Who drinks slurp like that I let it melt it taste the best

Billy Mosley
Billy MosleySat Dec 08 2018

The orange one is tangerine it’s a Hispanic drink

w47willrise ?
w47willrise ?Sat Dec 08 2018

8 SAW movies. I watched all of them.

Ashawnta Gill
Ashawnta GillSat Dec 08 2018


MRA Productions
MRA ProductionsFri Dec 07 2018

My god I been away from these guys a while enough after I made my new channel I lost the subscription almost 4 years ago now I came across them again and am so glad to see them still in the rise and my god I missed them so much 😄

Small H
Small HFri Dec 07 2018

“Okayyyy biome buddy” 😂😂

arianna jewels
arianna jewelsFri Dec 07 2018

God bless

arianna jewels
arianna jewelsFri Dec 07 2018


HisashiBuri8Fri Dec 07 2018

I swear it's always elevator pitch come on.

Cortney Howard
Cortney HowardFri Dec 07 2018

Omg I just came across your channel & im addicted !!!! I love you guys & you literally have the BEST videos !! 💚💚💚