Surprising Slurpee Combos Taste Test

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Kaylyn Jo
Kaylyn JoTue Feb 19 2019

"see I was sneezing. We're allergic to 7/11" "ehhaha no we're not, no, no, please no"

kiah ray
kiah rayMon Feb 11 2019

I like how Rhett was struggling to get the cups about and Link was just stacking them again

carter horvath
carter horvathFri Feb 01 2019

rhett was definitely high in this

Farbod May
Farbod MayTue Jan 29 2019

Give the man a spoon

frank fort
frank fortMon Jan 28 2019

Silly humans, the slower you pull apart the cups, the easier it is to separate them.

Ja' Crispy
Ja' CrispyWed Jan 23 2019

Good episode

celeryxoxoSun Jan 20 2019

Link: “See, I’m sneezing, we’re allergic to 7-11!” Rhett : *laughing while talking* “N-No weeeereee noooootttt”

Sarah Soto
Sarah SotoSun Jan 13 2019

Pretty sure the coffee one is supposed to be orange fanta

Glenn S
Glenn SFri Jan 04 2019

Orange is jaritos Mexican soda

Moco 24
Moco 24Mon Dec 31 2018

This can be a will it, right, like if agree

Rulebreaker1995Sun Dec 30 2018

fecal transplant is a treatment for multidrug resistant c defficile collitis.

scottemblerSat Dec 29 2018

They were over it before it even began.

KAI ELKINSThu Dec 27 2018

5:49 wait what

Ice Wolf
Ice WolfWed Dec 26 2018

I think it's called sour patch Kids the zombies I know because they have it at my 7/11 (the one I get it from) and I taste like a sour orange

Tru Artist
Tru ArtistTue Dec 25 2018

Link, those look like ladies’ frames

Meghan McCall
Meghan McCallSun Dec 23 2018

If they ever made MythiGulp reusable cups like that, I'd so buy one!

Heather Wolfe
Heather WolfeMon Dec 17 2018

It's for Cdiff. They dry it out and give it in pill form. Works a good amount of the time as a treatment

OhmarrThu Dec 13 2018

Cherry and coke / cherry and Pepsi are the best combinations

nic turnipseed
nic turnipseedTue Dec 11 2018

i’ve done that procedure with my younger brother before. it’s a cure for C-dif. saved his life

Khallah Zavala
Khallah ZavalaTue Dec 11 2018

Link made me laugh saying that last “WAHHH!” 😂😭💕